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Why Swahili Village





A fine dining atmosphere

Swahili Village restaurants were born with a bold vision – to embody the rich, cultural tradition of African cuisine, yet serve and plate your experience to fit a modern fine dining atmosphere. Purpose is the same, tradition stays alive, but with a modern, sleek twist, bringing you an unparalleled experience every time you dine.

Our impeccable chef-driven cuisine, extensive award-winning wines and exceptional hospitality are unlike any other steakhouse in America. Our menu features the freshest, most mouth-watering ingredients. Our sommeliers are on hand to guide you through our extensive wine list. Our staff is there to give you unforgettable service in a stunning, energetic atmosphere, perfect for any occasion.


Just as fresh as Mother Nature wants

Fresh ingredients, farmed spices, no preservatives and everything cooked from scratch once you place an order.  In a timely manner, we are delivering meals made fresh from farmed herbs obtained from their direct sources around the world.  Our meats are halal, fish are fresh caught and vegetables are farm grown from the earth.  This is how it’s done in Africa, therefore this is how it’s done at Swahili Village.

We focus on quality, consistency and genuine hospitality.  This makes us seek a memorable cuisine experience yet thrill diners in every location and make them keep returning back whether as locals or travelers. 


Connect and Experience the African truth

Our company restaurants are dedicated to providing more than just food and drinks, but connecting the world to authentic African experiences.  Each location hosts events, cooking classes, online engagements and much more that educates the immediate community of that particular city.  Simply put, with each location, we are building a bridge between Africa and that city.  A visit to the motherland is simply a drive to one of our restaurants.


Creating Opportunities and Empowerment

Each location has a duty to stay connected and serve the city’s leaders, influencers, business owners and youth in order to create and preserve growth in opportunities around philanthropy, business networking, employment and education.  These are pillars and values we are sharing from the soul of our continent to the rest of the world.  “It takes many to build a village and it takes a village to build a man”.  We are living this legacy through each restaurant.