Club Features

Expand your business network, get great dining perks and stand out from the crowd

Connect with leaders, business owners and delegates

Get exclusive access to business owners, delegates and influencers within the membership network.  

Bottle service discounts

Get discounts on bottle service and all VIP packages whenever you dine or have events.


Dine with advanced priority.

With our dignitary membership you could have priority seating and dinner reservations held for as long as one year for a dining evening or any event experience.

This gives you the opportunity to be flexible with your reservations as long as you may need to.

First class travel experiences

Get discounts and perks while traveling with first class to the African Swahili region.  Experience first class from your front door until you return.  Our transportation, airline and travel agent partners, work together to give you, your family or colleagues a memorable travel experience to the Swahili region, whether its for pleasure or business.


Our unique rewards system would reward diners and event attendees alike.  It also rewards people that have used our event spaces for booking events.  Everyone that spends any dollar in any Swahili Village location would get reward points towards future bookings, event ticket vouchers, catering discounts and dining bills.

Get to your table faster with PRIORITY SEATING!

   Select Club Members  are eligible for Priority Seating



                                                                       (based on availability) any day of the week for parties of six or less.